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Kinder's Most Well-Known Chocolate Bar Is Finally Coming to the U.S.

Kinder Chocolate is a hit throughout Europe, but now American chocolate lovers will finally be able to enjoy one of the brand’s most popular offerings stateside — no flight required. The Ferrero Company confectionery brand’s flagship product, Kinder Chocolate, will be available in the U.S. for the first time beginning in August.

"To bring Kinder Chocolate stateside is a monumental moment for the legacy of the Kinder Portfolio — a power brand beloved by millions across the globe," Catherine Bert

Port Is More Than Just Dessert Wine

You might think port can only be served with dessert, but this fortified wine from Portugal is about more than its sweet, save-for-after-dinner reputation.

"Port is a drink that not everybody immediately learns about because it tends to be more about red and white wine. Port is a niche of the wine industry and requires a bit more knowledge not only because there's a lot of traditions, but there's also a very wide variety of styles," says Adrian Bridge, CEO of Taylor Fladgate, one of the oldest

See an Exclusive First Look at Zhu’s ‘Elevated Ravewear’ Line: ‘A Big Part of This Is That I Can Bring Dance Culture Into Fashion’

It’s an accomplishment for an artist to partner with a swanky fashion house, yet a next-level achievement is unlocked by designing a collection one’s self, from inspiration to garment. For Steven Zhu, better known as Grammy-nominated producer ZHU, the feat has been reached with the debut of his rave culture-inspired NIGHTDAY fashion line.

This past March, ZHU hosted a private preview to those in the merchandising world in his showroom at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. Thi

4 Ways to Take the Traditional Margarita From ‘Good’ to ‘Grand’ With Grand Marnier

When you think of summer, perhaps thoughts of coconut-scented sunscreen, bathing suits, and cold cocktails come to mind. Whatever the case may be, the allure of the fun, citrusy Margarita remains the undefeated warm-weather libation of choice. Historically, imbibers’ attention to citrus and sour cocktails peaks in April, May, and June. According to Drizly consumer insights, Margaritas are the most popular cocktail in the United States.

Disko Cowboy Is Throwing the Best Parties in Texas

Dave Wrangler, better known as Disko Cowboy, is a renowned DJ, music producer and the founder of Vinyl Ranch, his honky tonk-meets-Studio 54-themed parties. In the process, he’s established a singular niche for himself: the disco-loving urban cowboy.

The Austin-based DJ may have launched the Vinyl Ranch concept in 2007, but his forward-thinking vision of the brand extends beyond the confines of music and nightlife. “As I’m getting older, I don’t necessarily see myself on a stage DJing forever,”

Imbibe & Vibe: Moon Boots

The multidimensional work highlights Dougherty’s signature blend of house music, soul and disco stylings—with a zesty touch of unadulterated joy, which shines through each track. My favorite, “Come Back Around,” featuring indie sensation Cherry Glazerr, has me ready for sunny days ahead with the vibrancy of a syncopated bassline.

Read on to find out more about what Dougherty likes to drink and how he thinks music and cocktails are perfect partners.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I hear you’re a

Luck Presents Potluck Was a Celebration of Indigenous Cuisine with Award-Winning Chefs and a Willie Nelson Serenade

Each springtime, Willie Nelson’s annual Luck Reunion Music Festival at the star’s Luck, Texas ranch near Spicewood is one of the hottest tickets in town. Created by Luck Presents, the fest’s kickoff event, Potluck, is an intimate culinary experience and fundraiser complete with a performance by the legendary singer himself is an even hotter ticket to secure.

Each year, Potluck features a theme paying homage to America’s roots through delicious eats. This year’s event focused its foodie attendee

Kx5 Interview: “I like his Zen”

So much has happened in EDM since 2008, when the electronic musician deadmau5 and DJ-producer Kaskade released the collaborative dance hits “Move for Me” and “I Remember.” From its pop-cultural zenith circa 2012 to the rise of the more house-influenced and minimal techno sounds of today, electronic dance music has demonstrated its adaptability as well as its staying power.

Through all the trends and hype, deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman, 42, a TIDAL Artist Owner) and Kaskade (Ryan Raddon, 52) have m

Meet The Xicana Indigenous Beauty Maven Bringing More Intention To The Industry

In my teen years as a deeply pigmented, self-proclaimed makeup queen, finding the perfect blush and lipstick shade was a daunting experiment. Then came the discouraging hunt for the right hue of foundation and powder. Most “deep” or “dark” shades served as a glaring (and ashy) veiled reminder that not all skin tones are deemed worthy of a perfect makeup match.

Yet, I was merely one of many in the sea of Black and brown people looking for their ideal makeup palette in the one-size-fits-all beaut

Alt K-Pop Collective Balming Tiger Proudly Represents Korea's Rising Subculture Movement

As major K-pop stars such as BTS and Blackpink continue to conquer the charts, a South Korean underground scene has been taking shape — and acts such as Balming Tiger are here to everything this scene truly encompasses.

The eight-piece collective highlights K-pop’s multidimensional complexity extending outside pop and R&B with layers of punk and hip-hop. On March 15, Balming Tiger spearheaded Tiger Den at SXSW, the first full-day music event in the festival’s history to feature Asian artists ex

Distillery Focus: Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

Strana-fans from across the US descend upon this Denver-based distillery in hopes of capturing a Snowflake

Typically, with tailgating, you’re surrounded by highly charged sports lovers eager to engage in pre-game festivities. It’s a classic American pastime rooted specifically within football fandom. However, every December, a type of tailgating takes place at the Denver-based Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Distillery that caters to whiskey enthusiasts from all over the country: the annual releas

Death Cab for Cutie's Zac Rae Talks Music and Cocktails

Since coming on the scene in 1997, Death Cab for Cutie (DCFC) has brought a unique luster to indie rock music with their harmonious blend of endearing lyrics, stirring vocals and deft instrumentals.

Death Cab’s guitarist and keyboardist Zac Rae describes the band’s style as “fall weather kind of music.” A description that certainly fits many indie rock greats. Rae joined DCFC’s live lineup in 2015 on the Kintsugi tour and has since fully joined the band, recording and touring in support of albu

How Rappers Became Restaurateurs and Why It Makes a Lot of Sense

“A T-Bone steak, cheese eggs, and Welch’s grape,” goes the Notorious B.I.G.'s now-legendary line in “Big Poppa.” Those lyrics were my introduction to food in hip hop, and made an impression on a lot of people: Fans eat this exact meal in memory of the late rapper every year on March 9, the anniversary of his death. Biggie’s lyrics aren’t the only way that rap and food intersect. Hip-hop artists have embraced culinary culture beyond their bars in the last five years, creating and investing in food...

How to Nail the Non-Alcoholic Happy Hour At Home

As the pandemic ebbs and flows, non-alcoholic and low-ABV beverages have become increasingly popular. While many Americans who perhaps over-imbibed during the past two years are now reevaluating their relationship with alcohol by either cutting back or removing it entirely from their lives, mindful consumption has been top of mind in other countries for years. “The pandemic put a lot of things under a microscope. I have friends with desk jobs that couldn’t go to work, so they’d end up having a b

‘The Big Brunch’ Star Chef Danielle Sepsy Has Mastered the Art of Brunch

The new HBO Max reality food competition series, The Big Brunch, has quickly become one of this winter’s must-see TV shows. Helmed by Schitt’s Creek co-creator Dan Levy, The Big Brunch highlights the stories of 10 chefs and their impact on their local communities as they compete to win a $300,000 prize. Among the contestants from around the country is the fan-fave chef/baker/scone queen Danielle Sepsy.

As the owner of New York City’s The Hungry Gnome Catering & Baked Goods, Sepsy is the masterm

Chef Sohla El-Waylly Talks 'The Big Brunch' & the Culture of Brunch

"Especially during the pandemic, a lot of restaurants have shifted to embrace brunch because it's more hours and more opportunity for business. I think it's really changed from just being like, 'Oh, here's this thing we have to do on Sunday.' There are so many more all-day restaurants now. Especially in New York, there was this wave of all these diners that were so vital. It was hard to see them go, but I feel like, in the last few years, we've got all these all-day cafes that are filling that g

Singer-Songwriter & DJ Aluna Francis Talks About Music and Cocktails

How would you define a trendsetter? Usually, it’s someone who figuratively colors outside the lines and adds their signature style to whatever they pursue. Such is the case for singer-songwriter and DJ Aluna Francis. Since 2012, the UK-born, Los Angeles-based artist has focused her boundary-breaking brilliance on the electronic music world. Initially gaining renown as half of the dance music duo AlunaGeorge, Francis has gone on to pave her way as a solo artist releasing her debut album Renaissan

All Things Fall: Noble Oak’s 6 Best Whiskey & Autumnal Activity Pairings [Infographic]

After a sweltering summer, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief with the arrival of fall. Cooler temperatures (a.k.a. sweater weather) and apple picking are merely a couple of reasons to praise autumn. However, another treat is in the season’s pocket: the warming comfort of a dram of whiskey. And award-winning Noble Oak has the perfect expressions for brisk fall adventures. So, grab these Noble Oak whiskeys and plan for good times in the great outdoors!
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