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Steve Aoki, Jamie Jones, ZHU, and More: Inside the Closets of Your Favorite Electronic Music Artists

The symbiotic relationship between music and fashion spans the confines of time. For example, when you reflect on the 1970s, sure the funky disco plays through your head. No doubt the signature stylings of celeb icons like Marvin Gaye and Mick Jagger (amongst several others) also come to mind. Fast forward to 2020, and while the music trending in pop culture might not be the same, the correlation between musical influences and style muses hasn’t changed.
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Houston Teens Can Now Design the Prom Gowns of Their Dreams

Lux Style & Design founder and CEO Tracie Benton introduces custom prom parties to her personal styling repertoire. Customization is nothing new in the wedding world, and, in recent years, it’s spread to the prom dress market, too. Want your gown to reflect your unique personality? As of this month, Houston-based personal styling and image consulting imprint, Lux Style & Design, is here to help with custom prom parties.
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Houston Style Setter: Anya Lloyd

The regional visual manager for renowned fashion house Tom Ford sounds off on inspiration and seasonal style advice. Anya Lloyd is a fashion guru in every sense of the term. She’s currently the regional visual manager of Tom Ford in River Oaks District, has owned a boutique of her own, and attended multiple New York Fashion Week shows, but all that only scratches the surface of what this stylish mastermind has accomplished.
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Porches Talks 'The House' & Making Music That Defies Genre

Whether you’re craving something sentimental, bold, body roll inducing or just flat out invigorating Aaron Maine (AKA Porches) creates it all. With the release of his latest project, The House, he offers a power packed punch of soul-stirring tracks befitting for the dance floor or mellowing out in the comfort of your own home. Link to Story

Lauren Lane Talks Her "Breakthrough Year" & NYC Versus LA

Carving out her space as part of an elite tier of DJ-producers currently shifting dance music in the right direction is Lauren Lane. Since the arrival of her 2014 debut EP, Cool Kids, the rising LA-based artist is proof that creating a signature, one-of-a-kind sound is possible amidst the sea of producers in the industry. Link to Story

POSSO Talks "Run This World" & Confronting Industry Sexism

You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there by its effects. The same rings true of sexism within the electronic dance music arena. Though there aren’t artists donning “I am sexist!”. signage, the ill effects of the marginalization can be felt across multiple facets of the industry, and the the lack of female DJ representation at music festivals or imprints is case in point. Link to Story

7 Models That Have Transcended The Industry's Ageism

It seems that the merciless, late-20s expiration date of most models might be a thing of the past. Countless models, over the course of the last couple years, have proven that a model’s appeal, like a fine wine, might actually get better with age. Thanks to the below, older-than-average models, a model at his or her thinnest does not amount to a model being in his or her prime. Link to Story

A Hint of Scent: An Interview with Andrew Cinnamon of Cinnamon Projects

There’s no doubt that various scents – much like music – can take you to a place of nostalgia. Fragrances of which create a multisensory dialogue binding the present, past and future. That’s where Cinnamon Projects Incense and Accords fit in. In 2008, Cinnamon Projects, a creative collective created by Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse, emerged into the artistic world.
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We delve into the creative mind of young Designer, Karolyn Pho. “Day one since I’ve started the line it’s been about rolling with the punches. I’m young and so new to the game that I don’t know what to expect a lot of the time”, says American fashion designer Karolyn Pho. Perhaps one of the most alluring qualities of the budding soloist (Karolyn Pho launched her line in 2012) is her adaptability as a designer.
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This is what a 10-minute conversation with our favourite – and only – Blonds looks like. In a little over a month, the world will view the Spring-Summer 2015 collections of international couture designers at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. Times flies when you’re having fun, right? This couldn’t be more applicable than with designer duo, Phillipe and David Blond, better known as The Blonds.
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