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Female Extreme Athletes Are On A Mission For Equality, And Samarria Brevard Is Leading The Way

Samarria Brevard’s mild disposition, humble attitude, and quiet, cool confidence are all part of her laid-back persona. But there’s one thing that gets this California girl rolling: skateboards. As a 13-year-old, she stepped out of her Riverside home to find her brother on a skateboard. She immediately wanted to try it for herself.
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6 Telling Signs That You’re A Skateboarder

Whatever your skateboarding story may be, there is one common thread among the pros and amateurs: passion. Here are the six beloved symptoms that you’re a skateboarder. You’re part of the bloody brigade, dirt titans, and team grass stains from not landing certain tricks. Fortunately, you know the difference between your good pair of Dickies and the ones that are fair game to skate in.
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Three Days of Skateboarding, Wrestling, and Music in Austin, Texas

In 2006, a handful of local skaters in Austin, looking for a way to attend a music festival for free, offered to build a ramp and put on a demo as a sideshow. The crowd liked the skating, the sport aligned easily with the music, and the unique lineup of the Fun Fun Fun Fest was born. This weekend marks the event's tenth year, and some of the best skaters in the world will join acts like Wu-Tang Clan and Jane's Addiction at a venue that has grown to include four stages, a wrestling ring, and, of course, a giant custom-built ramp.
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3 Reasons Why Adding A Women’s Division To SLS Was A Smart Move

This year’s historic SLS Nike SB Super Crown World Championship competition took place October, 4 in Chicago, Illinois. Unique to the past several years of competitors was the first-ever addition of a women’s division to SLS. The women’s roster invited eight of the world’s top female pro skateboarders to the event: Leticia Bufoni, Alexis Sablone, Lacey Baker, Pamela Rosa, Vanessa Torres, Alana Smith, Marisa Dal Santo, and Samarria Brevard.
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6 Must-Skate Spots Around The Globe

There’s nothing quite like falling in love, breaking in that new Sector 9 cruiser, or better yet, testing the grounds of unknown skate park territory (kudos if you manage to land all three). There’s a wide variety of stunning skateparks around the globe. Some of them are in your backyard, while others are tailored for a destination vacay.
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Let’s Hear It for the Girls: Leading Females in Skateboarding

It’s no mystery that the skateboarding industry is a mostly male-dominated arena. But in 2015, there are female pro skaters that burst through skating stereotypes with a board. Here’s our homage to six leading ladies of skateboarding. The Massachusetts born, California convert, is quite the force to be reckoned with.
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