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63rd Annual GRAMMY AWARDS® Program Book

Page 36-37: I wrote KAYTRANADA's bio.
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The ultimate guide to owning your SXSW 2019 experience

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Bergen - The Picturesque Norwegian Town with a Rising Music Scene

Sigrid, Kygo, Röyksopp – these are just a sampling of the musical masterminds hailing from the beautiful country of Norway. While the nation is known for hosting the Oslo-based annual music festival Øyafestivalen, there’s another festival on the horizon that’s proven to be a refreshing oasis of rising talent: Vill Vill Vest.
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Shallou’s Nomad Series Shines Light on Environmental Awareness

Music has an undeniable influence when it comes to raising awareness on key social issues, and artists across multiple genres often use their platform to nudge listeners to action. Honing in specifically on climate change, shallou is serving up a wake-up call in the form of damn good tunes that inform and inspire. Link to Story

Charlotte de Witte Disrupts the Techno Scene

The Belgian-born DJ might seem new to the techno scene, but in reality, Charlotte de Witte grew roots in the music world as a teen. The lover of unconventional music tells COOLS the value of techno music and the meanings within the genre. It’s in the late-night hours of a warm, March night at Houston’s Gravity Midtown music venue where rising Belgian techno DJ/producer Charlotte de Witte takes the decks.

Visiting the World of ‘Electronica’: An Interview With Jean-Michel Jarre

Imagine the scene of over 1.3 million people gathered together in parks and on pavement to attend the largest concert to ever grace the planet. which landed a spot in the Guinness World Records — took place right here in H-town in April 1986 by way of the performance of pioneering French electronic music composer and producer, Jean-Michel Jarre.
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Albert Hammond Jr. on ‘Francis Trouble,’ Self-Exploration & Life Experience

When it comes to blessing an audience with dynamic showmanship, Albert Hammond Jr.’s solo stage presence is distinctly one for the record books. Whether he’s scaling equipment to tap the ceiling or swinging the mic in style in between crooning to the crowd, his energetic set has a contagious, you-caught-my-attention effect on the attendees.

Computer Magic, aka Danz, Turns Sci-Fi Into Music

No matter what you call her, the Brooklyn-based musician’s sound is inspired, unique, and entirely her own. Here she sits down with COOLS to discuss what made her such a hit sensation in Japan. “I am no ordinary girl,” Danielle “Danz” Johnson sings on “Ordinary Life (Message From An A.I. Girlfriend)” off of her latest semi self-titled DANZ album.

Your Weekend SXSW Playlist, Courtesy of Elle Exxe

Scottish triple threat (singer/songwriter/producer) Elle Exxe is the next pop powerhouse you didn’t know you needed in your musical rolodex – until now. Her debut album, Love Fuelled Hate – released in 2016 – is chock full of tracks that make you not only reflect on relationships (love is such a complicated thing, right?) Link to Story

10 Essential Acts to Check Out at SXSW 2018

With SXSW gearing up in Austin, Texas this weekend, we couldn’t resist creating a list of artists those of you lucky enough to attend should have on your schedule. Sure, you could unearth talent via Soundcloud, but trust us – it’s so much better to discover your next favorite act through the week-long festival.
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Little Simz on the Art of Keeping It Realer Than Real

Let’s get a few facts straight about UK-based lyricist Simbi Ajikawo: She’s known as Little Simz (not Lil’ Simz – put some respeck on her name). She continues to drop fire records as an unsigned artist, and she’s already proven herself as a prolific rapper in the ever-changing world of hip-hop at the ripe age of 24.
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Common Ground: An Interview With Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamäki

Imagine an Earth filled with passion, full of therapeutic color and free from worry. Sounds too good to be true, right? the iconic three-piece electronic music production group consisting of Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamäki and Tony McGuinness — have created this gorgeous world within a world with the unveiling of Common Ground.
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